Thursday, April 30 2020

Cause of Death - Obituaries

Lori Matta Husok How nice for Miami... maybe we should continue the stay at home order forever ( sarcasm ). I wonder how much the suicide, overdose and abuse numbers went up in the same amount of time? Come on Fox - you are getting as bad as the rest of the main stream media.

David DeLuco That's great but how many have died of suicide or heart attacks or Strokes down there because they can't get in for routine medical care or they're depressed

Jerry Rambin That is not a good enough excuse to have a shut down. Jordan Falco Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries : Jordan Falco may have passed away. , but not a good reason.

Dan Zanzo You mean people have been locked up so there hasn't been any witnesses/people locating bodies or people concerned because its normal now to not hear from your neighbors. Nothing seen to report does not mean nothing happened.

Kane McGinley Death - Dead :  Kane McGinley Obituary, YNWA Kane Cause of Death

Kilinkere Captain Lewis Fay Cooper Death - Dead :  Lewis Fay Cooper Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Calgary sport legend Russ Peake Death - Dead : Russ Peake Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Danielle Bonacuro Death - Dead :  Danielle Bonacuro Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Bobby Martin Death - Dead :  Bobby Martin Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Derek Levesque Deaths-Dead  / Obituaries : Derek Levesque may have passed away.

Terry Fleming Death - Dead :  Terry Fleming Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Blake Crowson Death - Dead :  Blake Crowson Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Umhlobo Wenene sports Presenter Loyiso Sitsheke Death - Dead : Loyiso Sitsheke Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Connor Anderson Death - Dead :  Connor Anderson  Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown

Greg Grant In other news, no one has died of cancer, heart attack, stroke or seemingly any other cause of death.
Crazy right!!

Charles Zinser Probably there have been no homicides because it's easier to track everybody with the stay-at-home order. Nevertheless tens of millions more are dying in the third world because of the shutdown. They can't eat, they can't live. It's that simple. The shutdown is not saving any lives.

Ron Eichler Yeah I'm so sure of that. Criminals don't follow rules any better then Politicians follow their oath of office. Miami also hasn't had anyone die of natural causes think about that

Kevin Katzman So with all the guns are the problem talk
shouldn't these guns be out there on their own shooting people? You know it's the guns fault right.

Heather Weber So many deaths have been written off as CV deaths that an ambulance could bring in a stabbing victim who tests positive and they would record it as Covid19 death instead of murder.

Allan Brad Forrest That's because everyone who died no matter how they died, died from corona. Bitchesluvgigi Dallas Stripper Gigi Jessica Carson Death - Dead :  Jessica Carson Obituary, How did Bitchesluvgigi Die, Cause of Death Unknown. , heart attack = corona, shot in the head - corona. Notice that no one has died from the flu? yup thats right, not flu, corona.

Justin Toufic Aoun Track suicides in 5-10 years when there is a spike like in 1938-40 after the Great Depression

Henry Rak Well by the descriptions of what's happening inside the secrecy of the hospitals that would be false. However since nobody has the nuts to expose it, we're not gonna know.
You people who have been leaking tidbits from in the hospitals need to open the flood gates.

John Groeschel So apparently more gun control is not the solution...we just need people to not work and stay at home....

Robert Harris Well if you don't count the coronamurders that would be correct. Shaniya Davis Death - Dead :  Shaniya Davis Obituary, Cause of Death is Rapping wonder what the rates are for Heart disease, cancer, stroke, ALS, and other common conditions that often result in death...I bet they are lower for the same time period...just saying

Brett Baldwin That's because all deaths are classified as corona ones.

Leo Turber I hope this lockdown teaches people that not all jobs require people to be at an office or cubicle. So many jobs that could be done from home instead cause traffic jams and accidents every day.